Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday!!

I am sitting with too much time on my hands as I wait for my night duty to start. There is nothing on TV other than the adventures of Hercules, and as much as some people may enjoy this show, I gave up watching shows with plastic actors and special effects that went out of date in the 80s a long time ago!

Anyway, I got to thinking about birthdays for some reason and expressions on ‘love’. Ok, so yes a little mushy, but perhaps you need to excuse this for the fact that I have too much time on my hands right now! But I started thinking that the last birthday celebration was probably the most endearing!

I have worked at my new work place for five months, at the time of my birthday it would have been somewhere between three and four months, and I am sure most people would agree not really enough time to develop a true friendship with most people. But, I was shocked to discover that I perhaps had endeared myself to my work colleges a lot more than I thought possible in this time. Or, perhaps this is my negativity of mind that allows me to hold this perception.

Anyway a few of us had organised to go out for dinner and drinks, as a general work catch-up. Before long this night had turned into my birthday celebration, which to me was a truly beautiful thought. But, this was only compounded by the delivery of the above cake at the end of the meal!

This  may seem a little OTT to blog about it, but for someone who has never had anyone put in this much thought to surprise me with a birthday cake after only knowing them for 5 months. This truly touched me, and was a birthday that I will remember well with warmth and appreciation!



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