Is the human race trully civilised?

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Humanity and people’s perceptions of humanity are very different. I have just read some comments on whether it is ok to kill, and it is strange how differently people perceive what is ok and what is not. Some say that yes it is ok as long as it is to preserve the human race, but since when did the human race have the right to live over all others?

The human race as a rule, is not such a awe-inspiring creation! We are greedy, selfish, violent, fickle and incredibly vain! We perceive our race to be the most important on this planet, one that other species must sacrifice themselves to for our survival.

If we look at our history there is rarely a time when one aspect of the human race has not perceived itself to be more ‘civilised’ than another. If this was not the case we would not have had the slave trade between Africa and America, or the stolen generations in Australia.

“The  plundering of indigenous land, exploitation of its mineral wealth and other raw materials, confinement of its people to specific areas, and the restriction of their movement have, with notable exceptions, been the cornerstones of colonialism throughout the land.” Nelson Mandela.

I do find it sad that we as a supposed ‘civilised’ species can not allow that we have our faults, just as we have our assets; and that we can not make allowances for these in each other.

I find it sad that we can not allow for each others differences, be it culture, skin colour, religion or beliefs; and welcome these differences as a way of bettering ourselves and expanding our horizons.


2 thoughts on “Is the human race trully civilised?

  1. interesting post, we’re always trying to “reform” others, aren’t we? i was just blogging about a similar topic- a cultural examination of the masses and our perceptions of who is the barbarian and who is the man of culture- my friend wrote a fantastic (and funny!) essay on the subject he’s allowing me to share. I haven’t posted all of it yet but theres one rule he talks about that answers your question spot on! intriguing post 🙂

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