What is love?

Romeo and Juliet.

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Love is a very complex thing, and something that is very difficult to understand. I don’t think you can define it or pigeon-hole it. There is love for family, then there is love for friends, and love at first sight, and true love.

But, one thing that gets me about love when talk about that which is between a man and a woman, love that is required to make a relationship work. Love is perceived as being all-encompassing, as being able to last against all odds. I think what most people now perceive as love is simply passion.

Love to me is an entity that encompasses everything in a successful long lasting relationship. That is: trust, friendship, passion. Once the passion has died there needs to be something to fall back on to make a relationship work. Love does not last forever, and can not withstand all tempests.

My Nan used to tell me that when you love someone, when you are truly in love with someone you can think about cleaning their dirty underwear without blanching. A unique philosophy, but when broken down, really all she was saying is you truly love someone when you can deal with the really bad shit as well as the good stuff. When you don’t want to change those irritating little habits, and you accept them because that is part of the person you love.


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