London Calling!

The last photo post I uploaded, I guess turned out to be rather appropriate, as sad as it sounds I knew nothing much about the London riots until I turned on the news before I went to work.

London is a city I know fairly well, it is some where I called home for two years. It is some where I will always think of fondly, and where last July when I went back, I could not imagine would be hit by such anger and violence, fuelled by such selfish and childish thinking!

All this apparently started over a 26-year-old male being fatally shot by the police, and a population’s need for ‘revenge.’ But, did I miss something? When did two wrongs suddenly make a right? How does the destruction of  thousands of people’s homes, businesses and lives make the loss of one life right?

One young student was asked by a reporter why she was behaving in this way. She replied “to take back our taxes.” To me this is just an uneducated response. Do they not realise that the destruction of this much property means the increase of taxes in order to repair the damage? Do they not see that they are doing themselves more damage in the long run by taking away jobs by destroying the businesses that provide them.

London, have you never heard of biting the hand that feeds you? This is worse than any other violence I have seen so far! It is not done by terrorists who wish to punish a country that is not their own. It is caused by a population who wish to punish a small minority of their own government, and in the process are causing so much pain and devastation to their friends, neighbours and families, not to mention themselves!


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