Walking in a winter wonderland.

Galahs flying with a motion blurImage via Wikipedia

An Australian Winter’s walk.

There was no ice and no snow, it was a different kind of winter wonderland. But the air still had that crisp, clean quality, and the light still made everything sparkle. The dust had been washed away from the night before, and the feeling was that of calm, serenity, a place where everything lived and worked together in peace.

It was nice to know that there was some where I could go where the world was as we all desired, a world without the oppressiveness of human touch. A world where we as humans fight to keep untainted.

The ground was dappled with sunlight, and the breeze was scented with eucylytpus, pine, and the wet ground, which squelched beneath my feet. I could hear the rustling of leaves in the tree tops fused with the sound of water trickling over rocks and fallen branches.

The only thing to enhance this already perfect eden was the presence of the local wildlife. As I walked, I took in the atmosphere, the sights, sounds and smells and noted in the progress of my walk a vast accumulation of birds: Galahs, rosellas and cockatoos, both black and sulphur crested. But, hand in hand with this came the koalas.

This is why I love Australia, it goes from one extreme to another. From dry red dust, to green lush rainforest and bush land, and edged by topaz blue oceans encrusted with sparkling white sand beaches.

Australia is a mix of cultures, full of idiosyncrasies, and over flowing with unique nature, and beauty found no where else on this earth.


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