A Weighty issue.

Weightloss pyramid.

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I was reading the paper yesterday afternoon, and noted a story about a woman who wanted to reach 600kg in weight. She is thirty two and is already something like 325kg. When asked why, she stated that she wanted to see if it was possible to get that heavy and stay healthy, further stating that the bigger she got the sexier and more confident she felt.

My question is, does she not realise that at the weight she currently is, there is no way she is ‘healthy’?! Her body is a ticking time bomb! She has two kids, and it is highly unlikely that she is able to do anything for herself, so my question is, who does all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and other tasks that is the job of a parent? What kind of example is she setting for her kids? Does she not realise that unless hse changes her habits she will leave her kids motherless?

I am not anti fat people, but I am anti people who do not take responsability for themselves and their famillies. This woman has an entirely selfish goal. Where does this sort of ideology come from? What makes someone develop this kind of goal?


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