Dating Disaster!

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I think I am realising more and more that dating is a minefield of potential disasters. Why so late? Late bloomer? Ignorance? Too many romantic notions?

I was watching Emma last night, rather wistfully, thinking, why can’t dating be as simple as then? When women were just expected to sit and wait until the men came along and swept them off their feet, and 90% of the time, if a guy was interested it would not just be for sex!

Today there are far too many faux pas. Men expect women to make all the moves, yet when we do we are too enthusiastic! You have to play it just right, not interested enough and you get no where, too interested and you have the object of your affections running for the hills. And the rules?! I never heard of anything with so many rules!

You can’t contact someone for at least 4 days after the first date. If he goes away, don’t contact him, let him contact you; but if he does not contact you after one week he is not interested. Don’t sleep with someone for a month….. and the list goes on! Is it any wonder so many people prescribe to dating sites?

I started reading ‘Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars,’ and now I am being told men are like elastic bands, you have to give them room to move away and they will come back, but push them too far and they don’t. It is all so confusing!

I know the idea of Jane Austen style dating is so anti-feminist that I should, as a modern-day women, be mortified to even entertain the idea. But what woman would not dearly love to be swept off her feet and bought diamonds and other expensive gifts as a declaration of love?

Another thing I keep getting told is it comes along when you least expect it. The more I keep getting told that the more I expect it!!!!!! You think, right now I am happy and content being single, surely the man of my dreams will show up now?! I some times wonder if being an old spinster is perhaps the easiest option?


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