Quitting is not for losers!

Smoke 1

Image by jasonbolonski via Flickr

Ok so this blog is a bit of a shameless plug, but I figure if you can not help a mate out every once in a while and show your faith in them and what they do, then you might as well not be mates.

 Quit Now 4 Life.

Ever wished you could have a second chance at life? Ever thought ‘If only I had done things differently?’ We all have, some more than others. But imagine this; you are sitting slumped over in a chair, fighting for breath having climbed a flight of stairs,. your hair is thinning, grey and brittle. Your skin is greasy, leathery and pock-marked from the acne of a teen, except you are not a teen.

Evey time you look in the mirror you wonder who that 70 yr old is looking back at you, except you are not 70, you are much younger. Your smile that was once winning is now yellowed, and people step back when you talk to them?

Do you smoke? If you do does some or all of this sound familiar? It does not have to be like this. By quitting smoking you can get up to 14 years back. You can have faith that you will live to see your children grow up and have children of their own. Too hard?

Always feeling the need? that craving? you don’t need to. Believe it or not you can quit smoking and get your life back in 60 minutes.

Shereen Alwin is an NLP practitioner with a degree in psychology and a hypnotherapist who can give you 60 minutes of her time. With a 95.6% success rate, this process is the most effective way to quit. Give up now and give your family a well-earned holiday with the money you save. Think about it for your and your family’s health and happiness.



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