Crystal Promises

A bird soared through the opening circling above a tall majestic waterfall thundering into a crystal clear pool, surrounded by a green lush rainforest. Silence loomed punctuated by the chatter of monkeys and the buzz of crickets.

Suddenly a scream pierced through the serenity of this lush haven, echoing around the lagoon and its surrounding Eden. Charlie looked up from her map, the shivers slowly ebbing down her spine, mirroring the echos of the scream as they faded.

Charlie was not sure where the scream had come from or who it had belonged to, but she knew one thing for sure, alone or not she had to find out. Her search for the lost crystal would have to wait, Adam would have to wait. No, scratch that Adam could wait. She chuckled to herself.

Adam was her ex-husband, who as her boss still believed that he had some kind of control over her. The fact that as her boss, he did, irked her. Try as she might, she could not rid herself of him – short of leaving her current employment, but she needed the job and the money. So for know she would have to put up with his irritating gloating that despite the fact that she had persuaded him to sign the divorce papers, he still had control over her.

Adam and Charlie had met in their first year at university, and had fallen in love. As besotted teens they thought that it had been the real thing, and married just short of twelve months later. It did not take long for Charlie to realise that being married to Adam, meant giving him complete control of her life.

She suffered for three years. Three years of him watching her every move, questioning every time she went out, and being suspicious of every man she spoke to. He controlled her money, and the only employment he would allow her to undertake was as a PA to him in his archeology firm. She felt trapped. At 19 it was easier to run along with it, she was timid and felt she had no other way out. She had no family, and Adam had long since ensured that she had no friends of her own; they were their friends; and sure to side with Adam.

At the end of three years she found the strength within herself to stand up to Adam. She fought for her freedom, pleaded and begged with him to let her go, and finally she won. She was not sure how, maybe he really did love her, and it hurt him to see her begging so strongly to leave. Who knows, but he signed the divorce papers. The only thing she could not do was walk away from her job.

So, maybe as punishment, maybe because he could no longer stand to look at something that was no longer his, Adam had sent her to the depths of the Amazon to research and find this lost Aztec crystal, that he had heard about in some poker game. As dubious as his links to the information sounded, she needed a break, she needed to get away. What better place to escape Adam than the middle of the Amazon.

Charlie got up and brushed the dried leaves off her  cargo pants, “now” she thought, “to work out where the scream came from.” She took out her compass, and worked out that the scream had come from the north-west. Putting the compass back in her pocket, she bent down, picked up her map, folded it up and stuffed it into her back pack.

“I won’t be needing that for a while.” She muttered to herself. She swung her backpack onto her back and set off with her machete. The Amazon, was a little too dense at times to make passing through easy without one.

With an hour, she had barely progressed 500m, and the sweat was streaming down her back. ” Damn, jungle!” she muttered “this person better really be in trouble.” Not that she doubted it at all, it was just frustrating, knowing that someone could be in real trouble, and the jungle was preventing her from getting there quickly.

It was almost like the jungle was involved. Vines and creepers wrapped themselves around her limbs as she walked, restricting her movements. It seemed the quicker she moved, the more creepers and vines swung out at her, lashing across her face and arms. She was sure that, by now she looked like she had been in a fight with a lawn mower!

Adam paced back and forth across the room, frustrated, no consumed with anger. It was like a hot burning flame engulfing him. It was amzing how Charlie could still make him feel this way.  She had always had this irrational control over him, and when they had first married, he had tried to take it back, tried to beat her down, but he had to admit it, it was part of the reason he loved her so much.

He hated that he had let her go so easily, he hated the fact that he was desperate tobe closer to her, that was why he had sent her across the other side of the world on a whim; and now he had lost her for good. It terrfied him that it had been 2 weeks since he had last heard from her. He had made a point of keeping in touch with her every day, partly to keep track of this lead he had got on these so called ‘lost crystals’ and partly out of guilt and hope that she may forgive him and take him back. After all who was it who said “abscense makes the heart grow fonder?”


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