Messy Madness!

OK, I can’t lie to you, I am the world’s messiest person….ok well maybe not, I wouldn’t quite make the cut for “Hoarders”, but you get the idea. Combined with that I could take procrastination to the Olympics! I can always find something better or more interesting to do, and seldom have the will power to refrain, much to the chargrin of my family. So, I have decided it is time to do something about it!

I am going to try and task orientate my days i.e. give my self a bite-sized chunk of those boring jobs to achieve each day. I work as well as have a 2 year old, so they will need to be manageable in those small moments when my son is distracted, or even when he is in bed. I also aim to do the bigger jobs before or after work (most of my work is shift work) on the days that he is in day care. So here is my plan:

Monday (daycare day): Bathroom and my son’s bedroom: Tidy and Clean.

Tuesday: washing

Wednesday (daycare day:) My bedroom

Thursday (daycare day): Paperwork

Friday: Jobs missed or unfinished.

This means that I can hopefully, send fun time with my son and remain guilt free! Wish me luck!!!!


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