Anywhere in the world but here.

If I could be anywhere, where would I be? I don’t remember ever having a favourite place, a place I felt safer, and more at home than anywhere else. I have always relished change and new experiences, loved my eyes being opened wider and my heart being expanded to envelop more people and places than before.

There is no perfect place for me. I want to be where my family are, where I can grow develop and believe in myself and those around me. I don’t know if that is on a white beach with crystal blue waters lapping at it’s shore, or on a mountain peak surrounding by whispy, white clouds with cold air biting refreshingly at my skin.

People say home is where you hang your hat. For me home is where those I love are. Every place I have been can be remembered for both good and bad experiences, by warmth and trust, by safety and challenges. So, why should I want to be anywhere else than where I am right now?


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