Why change what you know?

You may have noticed a change in title and tag line, and be wondering why? Well, why not? I guess I just felt that I need to mirror the purpose of this blog a little more than I had previously.

I love words, I love being able to express what I think or feel, and I love ever expanding my ability to do this. I love reaching out to people, large or small, and truly believe that if I can reach just one person, then that is one more person who enjoys what I do or say.

I don’t intend to shatter the earth or change the world as a whole. I intend to change my world. I intend to learn how to express myself and share. It is that simple.

Hence my title “Trust in Words.” I feel that at times that is where all my trust lies.

My tag line? Well, I guess it just made sense to me. Enjoy. 🙂


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