Memories lost and found.

My Nanna was one of those people who was forever positive. nothing could daunt her, but she also looked at the world through rose tinted spectacles. I was in awe of her and adored the holidays when I would go and stay with them for the summer. It was my time away from my brothers and time I got to spend with just her and my grandad.

She encouraged me to use my imagination in so many ways. She would often give me a title and tell me to write something from it, be it a poem or prose. I guess it is her I have to thank for my desire to write, and keep writing. I remember one of her favourite things to do was to visit stately homes (she lived din the UK) and on every such visit we would pretend we lived in that period. We would come up with these wild fantasies about what life would have been like living there.

She was also a deeply religious lady, and loved to visit churches, and just sit and take in the atmosphere. I am not religious, it is not something she managed to instil in me, but through her I developed a deep reverence for the meaning and significance of these buildings; and even today feel a deep sense of peace as I walk into a church.

My memories of her span decades, and like many of my memories are both good and bad, the worst however, is something I can take credit for, but that is another story…….


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