Dilbert the Diligent Dinosaur.


Dilbert was a dinosaur of magnificent proportions, and he is incredibly proud of this. He loved being a dinosaur, and was ever so diligent about doing it right.  After all, if you are going to do something, you should do it properly.

The problem was that because he was so diligent he had no friends! Poor Dilbert was lonely. He was so diligent about doing things properly that he ended up criticising the other dinosaurs because there was Always something they were not doing right.

Dorbert swished his tail too high.

Fredryk roared too quietly.

Sampson roared too loudly, and

Ernie, well, he just didn’t do ANYTHING.

Dilbert sighed, he just wanted them to do things right.

One day Dilbert’s mum noticed how sad and lonely he was. She took him on her knee and said

“Dilbert, I know you are diligent, and like things to be done properly, but darling, everyone is different, and we are only dinosaurs after all, and so we can’t be perfect. Maybe if you just let everyone be themselves they would like you and let you play more.”

Dilbert thought long and hard about what she had said, and in the end decided that his Mum was right. So he stopped criticising, and before long the others let him play dinoball.

Soon, everyone wanted him on their team. After all, he was very diligent, and so played everything so well, and Dilbert was never lonely again.


One thought on “Dilbert the Diligent Dinosaur.

  1. This makes me want to illustrate for children’s books! I think I’m similar to Dilbert. But like him, I have learned to focus my efforts in other things more worthwhile 🙂

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