Person of interest or interest of person?

The most interesting person I have met this year is my son. He is two. You might wonder how this is, surely I already know him? But how can you truly know someone who is ever developing?

He is a treasure, from his big blue eyes framed by long dark lashes, to his cheeky and arrogant, dimple clad smile. It is like he already knows that this combined with his straight but unruly blonde hair and effervescent personality is a lady killer.

He has it all down pat already, one coy smile and a shuffle behind Mummy’s legs, combined with a momentary flash of his boisterous and charismatic personality, and he has them hook line and sinker. I just wish I had his skill!!!

His latest trick is pulling a chair up to the kitchen bench to reach whatever it is he has asked for and been denied. Nothing gets in this child’s way! At 13 months he was already climbing walls, and now walking is just too slow! If he could get somewhere faster than just by running he would, but for now that will have to do.

I love that every day I see a new part of him, a learn about a new part of his persona and personality. I love watching him grow, and my heart expands with pride whenever he asks if he can help a random stranger on the street and tells I am beautiful, and all with such sincerity. I wonder how I could ever meet someone more interesting…..


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