A disgruntled modern technology user!

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Ok, so this is my first blog. I love writing, and I was told by a friend I should start writing blogs, maybe one day I will get noticed, if nothing else it is an easy way to practice writing and get stuff off my chest!

Already I am disgruntled with technology! What ever happened to the time, effort and thought that went into had writing something. I love receiving hand written letters. It is almost as if that piece of paper containing that person’s hand writing contains a piece of them! Don’t get me wrong I am an avid facebooker. But, face book is a medium by which people post anything; what they had for lunch and dinner, who they ate with and how long it took to pass through their systems, with out so much thought!

Facebook is a way of keeping in touch with my friends on the other side of the world, and sharing experiences with them that otherwise I would not share with them, but I draw a line at sharing my bodily functions! No joke, I had a friend post a status about one of his farts! Do we need to know this? Is this something I missed?!

Since when did decent conversation involve sentences such as “you can tell it was a good fart when you can taste it!” Please some dignity people. I am only 27 years old, but even I can remember a time when letters and phone calls where the way to contact people; when things like ‘planking’ and ‘owling’ where just sheer stupidity and not fun!

Has the internet taken any thought and creativity away from us that ‘fun’ becomes lying across something and taking a photo? When I was a kid, which remarkably was not that long ago, we climbed trees, we built stuff and came home covered from head to toe in mud and cuts and bruises, and it was not unusual to have at least one broken bone throughout the course of our childhood! This did not mean that mum was a bad mother, it was not resulting from neglect or poor parenting! It was as a result of kids having fun!

God forbid, children should have fun these days! I was allowed to wander the streets up until 10pm and there was no concern that I would be whisked off by some pervert! What occurs to me though is whether we are now more concerned about this stuff or is it simply that more perverts exist? To me it is no wonder kids are fascinated with video games and staying inside, when every time you turn on the tv another child has been killed or molested. Even our teachers and doctors are no longer human, but potential monsters to be weary of! It is a wonder that we still allow our kids to believe in Santa Claus!!!!!