Twittering voices and virulent alarms.

Echoing rings and scratching pens.

Missed lunch breaks and new heart aches.

Soft sobbing and angry angst.

Tasks truncated and needs diminished.

Short discussion and shift is finished.


Why Write?

Many of my friends ask me why on earth I would want to blog? I say, why not? I may not have anything earth shattering to say, but even if there is one person out there who I can make feel a little better by allowing them to think “I am not the only one” then I will be happy. Aside from that, I like writing, and why not do it with purpose? I write to inform, I write to entertain, and I write just to write.

However, blogging does have some self-serving element, I get to write, and in doing so improve upon my ability to express myself, and my ability to be creative. On this platform, I am able to reach out to those of similar intent, to learn by peer review and criticism, and to some extent to be seen and to be heard rather than just hiding away in the shadows.

I remember sleepless nights and other stories….

I remember starry nights, on the beach as we camped out in Indonesia. Lying and listening to the waves break, half begging for sleep and half hoping it would not come.

I remember watching the stars wondering if that light I saw move in the corner of my eye was a satellite or a shooting star.

I remember, watching the flames of the campfire, imagining stories of dragons and princesses, knights in shining armour.

I remember the ‘club’ two of my brothers, a girlfriend and I formed to investigate ‘crimes’ and ghost stories in a place where neither existed.

I remember reading far too many Famous Five stories, and giving out home made business cards to everyone we knew, asking that they contact us should they need any mysteries solved.

I remember sneaking around an old abandoned house making up stories of its secrets.

I remember…..

Messy Madness!

OK, I can’t lie to you, I am the world’s messiest person….ok well maybe not, I wouldn’t quite make the cut for “Hoarders”, but you get the idea. Combined with that I could take procrastination to the Olympics! I can always find something better or more interesting to do, and seldom have the will power to refrain, much to the chargrin of my family. So, I have decided it is time to do something about it!

I am going to try and task orientate my days i.e. give my self a bite-sized chunk of those boring jobs to achieve each day. I work as well as have a 2 year old, so they will need to be manageable in those small moments when my son is distracted, or even when he is in bed. I also aim to do the bigger jobs before or after work (most of my work is shift work) on the days that he is in day care. So here is my plan:

Monday (daycare day): Bathroom and my son’s bedroom: Tidy and Clean.

Tuesday: washing

Wednesday (daycare day:) My bedroom

Thursday (daycare day): Paperwork

Friday: Jobs missed or unfinished.

This means that I can hopefully, send fun time with my son and remain guilt free! Wish me luck!!!!

Through the lens of little pattering feet and snotty noses.

I have been a mother for two years now. It is hard to believe, and I HAVE to tell you that the smelly nappies and snotty noses do not get any easier, the pain just gets dulled by those precious moments.

Its has been a long while since I last posted, and I wanted to share with you all just a taste of the photos I recently took whilst we were in Europe.

We headed over to send three weeks travelling around Italy and then a week in Austria for a family wedding…. I completely forgot how beautiful Europe is!

Twisted Road. Tuscan Treasures. Cruiseing under Vesuvius. Pompeii. Tuscan Vista. Tuscan Shower. Siena Cloudy Revelations. Alpine Dam. Rugged Ruins. Innsbruck. Golden Rook, Innsbruck. Steaming Away.

This is my favourite photo of my son at the moment. Caught in a quiet moment when we took him on a steam train.

This is my favourite photo of my son at the moment. Caught in a quiet moment when we took him on a steam train.

There were hundreds more, it felt impossible to not try and capture every second of this beauty.

I do, however, advise you not to try and take a two year old on a holiday that involves a lot of time sent in the car and two 7+ hr plane trips. Needless to say if I have to watch The Lion King (once my favourite Disney Movie) or listen to that particular CD (I chose to erase it from my memory) one more time, I WILL scream!